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4th Week Of March 2017

Global Conference: Harnessing B5 for Sustainable & Clean Planet

Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendar Modi ji has launched Swachh Bharat Mission which, we believe, doesn’t mean only cleaning public places but the vision behind it is to save the mother earth and make the planet a livable place.The whole universe, including the human body, contains the combination of B5, i.e., five basic physical elements - Prathvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Akash (Aether). The legendary Indian poet and saint Swami Tulsidas acknowledged it hundreds of years ago in Ramayana where he writes,

Kshiti Jal Pawak, Gagan sameera;
Panch rachit ati adham sharira

(The body is made up of five elements such as earth, water, air, fire, ether)

B5 has a correlation with our five senses – smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight. Any imbalance in one or more elements in the external eco-system or the internal body system impacts each other and results into an unpleasant situation.


Minister of Railways, Hon’ble Suresh Prabhu’s message on Teachings of Ramayana - Teachings of Ramayana - Relevance for Today's Generation

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Indresh Ji speech on Motherland International Foundation

Meeting with Waterman of India

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